Making a May flower wreath from DAS clay

We are welcoming May and the May Day, the biggest celebration of Spring, with a handmade May wreath with clay from our favorite blog Familives!


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Οι Familives are showing us how to create a wreath from clay roses to decorate our living room every spring!

The materials needed are:

-Styrofoam wreath

-DAS white 500gr

-DAS Junior clay in green color

-Professional DAS roller with adjustable size

-Acrylic colors Giotto Decor Acrylic

-Paint brushes

-Pallet for paints

-Silicone or instant glue

-Brown knitting thread

-Pair of scissors

-Leaves (from garden) 

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Watch the step-by-step article with craft in the blog Familives.

Or in the video with step-by-step craft in Fila Hellas Youtube channel.

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And our May wreath is ready to decorate our home or to give it as a gift!

We will be so glad to make your own wreath and send us your impression!

The article with craft is from blogger Maria Xafitsa from

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