Easy numbers game with Giotto Patplume plasticine

The best way for children to learn is through play.


We all know that anyway.For that, Elpida from TwoBoys&Hope blog shows us how to make an easy math game for preschoolers that will help them:

1. to play with the numbers

2. to learn the quantitative value of numbers

3. to count

4. to write the numbers

5. and extra bonus to practice fine motor skills since they will be doing all this while playing with plasticine.

How to create this number game:

Elpida made two variations.On a piece of cardboard she drew a tree and two small frames.And on the second cardboard she drew 4 smaller trees.Something like that:

She colored the trees with fibre pens Giotto.

And then she covered the entire surface with tape.This will help it not spoil as easily.And the plasticine does not stick to the cardboard.And you can write and erase easily with the markers.

With pieces of cardboard and markers she made small cards with the numbers.

And the number game is ready!

Now it’s time for plasticine.Giotto Patplume plasticine is malleable, brightly colored and does not dry easily in the air. How can you use all of them?

You put the card with the number next to each tree and the child uses the plasticine to make as many apples as the number says

Do you like other fruits?Perfect!!Fill your trees with lemons, oranges and green apples

What can you do with the bigger tree?

The child puts the card with the number in a box.He writes the number in the other box with a marker.And he makes as many fruits with plasticine as the number says

Do you want colorful fruit trees?We have some of those too

Thank you TwoBoys&Hope for the amazing idea!

Watch the whole article in the blog: https://twoboysandhope.gr/eykolo-paichnidi-arithmitikis-me-plast/