Let’s create a surprise school pencil - filled with GIOTTO supplies!

Sotiria from the blog Mylittleworld shows us how to make a paper pencil - gift packed with school supplies!

hartino molivi

Since the school year is starting, she wanted to make a little surprise for her girls and prepare a gift full of useful school supplies and some treats!So she made a construction with recyclable materials - some rolls of kitchen paper, supporting FILA's #LetsReUse action!

Paper pencil supplies - gift filled with school supplies

  • rolls of kitchen paper
  • colored paper
  • glue
  • Craft eyes
  • black marker
  • Scissor
  • various school gifts (markers, crayons, erasers, pencils, lollipops, etc.)

Watch more on video and the step-by-step article here: https://mylittleworld.gr/ftiachnoume-chartino-molyvi-doro-gemato-me-scholika-eidi/

Thank you MylittleWorld for the amazing creation!

Have a great school year kids!!!