Create an easy Pencil Case with Das Junior!

The pencil cases are never enough in a house.

That's why Elpida from Two Boys & Hope shows us a super easy and fun way to make a pencil case with Das Junior clay!

What is Das Junior clay;

It is soft, colorful clay, ideal for use in schools and for children aged 3 and up.The colors are bright even when the clay dries.You can also mix them and make infinite different shades. The clay hardens in the air, so no baking is required.Super convenient!And most importantly it is stain resistant and can be hand washed with water and removed from most fabrics in the washing machine at 40°.

You can use a glass jar you have at home and make a pencil case!

With the clay we make designs that look like colored pencils. You can spread and shape the clay easily even by hand.

You can stick the clay pencils onto the glass jar with GIOTTO glue.

And the new das junior clay pencil case is ready!

Put in pencils and crayons and the super gift back to school is ready!

See the detailed article here:

Thank youTwoBoys&Hope!

Have a great school year!