Giotto be-be egg…an egg that is not eaten and hides surprises!

Giouli from blog Paixnidaki received the Giotto be-be eggs and they present them to us! At Easter, we usually buy chocolate eggs, but we suggest a plastic egg (Bio-based) that hides many surprises and stays for a lot of painting! 

What is Giotto Bebe Egg Stick & Color

Giotto be-be bio-based plastic egg allows you to create and color 3 worlds.

What it includes

You will find:

8 crayons from Giotto Bebe

pop-up animals and


Discover the 3 designs

3 different unique worlds inside the eggs from Giotto Bebe:

  1. Rainforest
  2. North Pole
  3. Ocean

Bio-based plastic instead of plastic

It is useful to mention that the material from the egg is Bio Based plastic that follows the philosophy of Fila. See the Green Project of FILA here.

Ideal present for Easter!

We thank Giouli from blog Paixnidaki and Stelios for his creations!

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