Lyra Polycrayons Soft

Artistic chalks in bright, intense colours with extremely light-resistant pigments. Their square shape and soft consistency means that they can be used both for drawing small details - using the corners of the pastel - and for colouring wide areas - using the flat side of the chalk. Their high concentration of pigments helps you to achieve a perfect blending of colours, which you can do by rubbing the colours in with your fingers. They have a high covering capacity and a delicately balanced range of colours. Easy to achieve a watercolour effect using a brush. Length: 70 mm. Diameter: 10 mm.
Product code 005651120
Minimum order Quantity: 1
Box 12 pcs.
From a range of bold colours, discover the excellent colour balance of the Polycrayon Soft. Square-shaped and with high pigment concentration, these chalks are perfect for the smudge technique. Light-resistant, they have high covering power. For those who love soft solutions.
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