Giotto be-bè My 1st glue

Giotto bebè My first Glue stick has a unique outside and an innovative design that gives the glue a playful and fun appearance. A smiley face to reassure the mother and amuse the child, soft shapes, rounded, without sharp edges and without obstacles. Maximum attention to safety and detail : the cap is much more than a game, bigger than normal glue sticks and has no small detachable parts. The base is easily held and is suitable for the small hands of children. The glue stick has a fall arrest system to prevent complete detachment. It is also safe inside : a new formula, designed to reassure parents and protect children
Product code 000466100
Minimum order Quantity: 20
Stick 20 gr
CE certified in compliance with the Toys regulation, enriched on one side with a powdery fragrance to give it a pleasant aroma, the other with a natural bitterness that discourage the child from indigestion. The new formula contains no solvents or potentially irritating substances, and is dermatologically tested, has excellent smoothness on the sheet and leaves no residue. Pastes easily onto paper, paperboard, cardboard, fabric and so on.

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