Tratto Video

Chisel tip highlighter "Made in Italy" containing multi-purpose, highly fluorescent water-based ink. A classic Tratto product, which is suitable both for use in school or in the office. Ideal for using on standard paper, carbonless copy paper, photocopy paper and fax paper. Translucent look. Logo printed on both sides of the highlighter. Available in 7 different colours: yellow, green, orange, fuchsia, sunrise, azure and lilac. EAN code printed on each item.
Product code 000042601
Minimum order Quantity: 20
Blister 1 pc.
Veni, vici, video. The Italian conqueror in question is Tratto Video, the Italian-made highlighter that brings your text to life with its extra fluorescent line. Available in 7 colours: yellow, green, orange, fuchsia, sunrise, light blue and lilac.
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