Lyra Groove Slim Graphite

Ergonomic triangular graphite pencil. Diameter: 7 mm. Length: 18 cm. Medium hardness lead, ideal for writing and drawing. Body is triangular in cross-section, with no added synthetic substances. Easy grip. Larger than a standard pencil, with natural anti-slip grip. Resistant, anti-break, long-lasting lead. Space to write your name. Can be sharpened using a standard pencil sharpener. EAN code printed on each item.
Product code 001763480
Minimum order Quantity: 1
Pot 48 pcs.

This ergonomic graphite pencil with a triangular shape is easy to hold and your fingers will naturally find the right position thanks to the non-slip grip. Space for name to be added. HB lead, ideal for writing and drawing. Hard to break and very long-lasting. Can be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener.

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