Fine art paper
Arches Huile Roll Cold Pressed 300g 130x915cm

Arches Huile

Specially designed for oils, extremely agreeable to work with! Made on a Cylinder mould (Traditional Process). The slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The paper is homogeneous, with a flatter surface and better wet strength and stability, giving the artist more control. Only papermaking on a cylinder mould can produce paper with deckle edges.

• Uses: Oils, oil pastels
• Formats: Sheets, roll, pads glued on the short side.
• 100% cotton: Pleasure of using a soft, supple, noble material. Suitable for marouflage, as it has very good mechanical strength.
• Texture: A balanced fine grain, comparable to that of a stretched canvas, making for very comfortable working. Allows the artist to play with the surface, to obtain shadow and light effects. Perfect for oil sketches.
• 300 gsm: The perfect balance artists need to express their creativity. Its grammage and thickness are suited to the application of both washes and impasto. Practical to use as it can easily be cut to the desired size. Strong, but lightweight, it can easily be rolled up to transport. Ideal for painting outdoors (unlike canvas).
• Special formulation: Unique sizing and oil barrier (semi-absorbent surface). Ready to use without preparation (priming optional): saves time and there is less risk of damaging the surface in the preparatory stage. Resistant to scratching. Prevents greasy rings forming and protects the fibres from oxidation in contact with the paint. Very tolerant to solvents. The paint sits on the surface for an excellent rendering of the colours and faster drying times.
• Colour: White
• Sheets: authenticity and prestige with deckle edges and watermark.
• Conservation: With alkaline reserve, acid-free, no optical brightening agents (permanent in accordance with ISO 9706)