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Giotto Decor Metallic

Metallic decorations with Giotto Decor Metallic!

A creative approach to everything, which stands the test of time and adds a metallic touch to your home and possessions, thanks to Giotto Decor Metal multi-surface markers! Permanent on porous surfaces, these markers are ideal for decorating card, wood, glass, letter, plastic, stone, Das modelling clay or metal. Decor Metal markers can be used freehand to decorate glass and mirrors, and can be wiped off any smooth surface with a damp cloth. All colours are easily washable from hands, but may stain clothing. Available in 5 metallic colours (gold, silver, black, magenta and blue), they are non-toxic, safe and light-resistant and provide perfect coverage even on dark or coloured backgrounds. They come with a super-durable fixed tip and a ventilated safety cap. The markers have a medium-sized point and are perfect either for small details or covering larger surfaces. Perfect for small tasks for pre-school age upwards.

Format: Blister-pack of 2 pieces, Pack of 5 pieces

Available in: 5 colours