Giotto Extra Quality Glitter Paint

Brilliant artwork with the eight colours of Giotto Extra Quality Glitter paint!

Make your paintings sparkle with the 8 glitzy colours! With millions of sparkles this paint is easy to apply and is ideal for special art projects at school or home. Water-based with safe colours like all Giotto ready-to-use paints, they come with a dosing cap and ergonomic grip. The gold and silver glitter paints are made from transparent gel, and can be used as a finish or to embellish drawings and objects. The paints are washable from hands, but any stains on fabrics should be rubbed with dry soap while still fresh and machine-washed immediately at 40 degrees. Available in bottles of 250 ml, single or in the 3 colors set (gold, silver, red).

Format: 250 ml bottle; set 3 bottles

Available in: 8 colours