Fine art colour
System3 Screen Printing Medium

Screen Printing Medium
System3 Acrylic Printing Medium is specially formulated for use with System3 Acrylic. The two combine to produce a low-odour, waterbased screen printing ink regarded worldwide as the finest of its kind, and being solvent-free, is ideal for use in schools, studios and at home. Printing Medium slows down on-screen drying of acrylic colour, reducing the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash out. Screens, kept moist, will wash out easily with soap and water. The medium can be thinned with water. Even after mixing with Printing Medium, System3 Acrylic colours retain great density of colour, and very substantial covering power can be achieved on paper, card and board without undue cockling. System3 Printing Medium can also be added to premixed System3 screen printing inks to thin them down if desired.

System3 Liquid Retarder
System3 Liquid Retarder is used as a medium to slow down drying time or reduce viscosity of screen printing inks and acrylics. It reduces silk screen blockage and makes the cleaning of screens easier. It also increases the working time of acrylics, especially in warm dry conditions. It is great for blending colours, particularly for fine, detailed work.

Screen Drawing Fluid & Screen Block
Blue System3 Screen Drawing Fluid is applied by brush directly to the screen to create a drawn image. It can be applied neat but often requires some dilution with water in areas with finer detail. Once dry, the entire screen surface is blocked out with System3 Removable Screen Block, which is applied with a squeegee. After drying, the drawn image is washed out in cold water to leave an open-mesh positive image ready for printing. After printing, screens can be reclaimed by softening up the block with very hot water then vigorously washing out the Screen Block with a suitable brush and a very strong soap solution such as undiluted washing-up liquid. Screen Block should be kept upright and stored at normal room temperature.