Painting “Turbulent Peace” with System 3 Acrylics from Daler Rowney on A3 System3 Acrylic Artboard

The artist Margarita Lypiridou shows us how to create a painting with the theme “Turbulent Peace”.

To paint “Turbulent Peace” we needed:


  • Daler Rowney System3 Acrylics
  • Daler Rowney Glazing Medium
  • Daler Rowney System3 Acrylic Artboard
  • Daler Rowney brushes of different sizes
  • Palette knife
  • Natural Charcoal stick
  • A bucket full of water
  • Paper towel


Phthalo Turquoise

Ceruleum Blue Hue

Process Cyan

Cobalt Blue Hue

Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue

Cadmium Yellow Hue

Process Magenta

Fluorescent Orange

Cadmium Red Deep Hue

Fluorescent Green

Titanium White


We start by spraying water on the artboard and using a flat wide brush (Daler Rowney System3 - Skyflow 2”) we apply all the tones of the background to start setting the mood.


We work alternatively with the brushes and the palette knife, applying paint and then spraying water and picking up portions of it with the paper towel. We spill and splash working intuitively.


We apply the glazing medium (Daler Rowney Glaze Medium Gloss) and taking the flat wide brush (Daler Rowney System3 - Skyflow 2”) with some clean water we apply it on the whole painting - or you can premix the glaze with water on the palette.


We then add thicker paint with the palette knife on portions of the painting, as well as thin layers of warm colours on the top part (the glaze adds translucency).


We add some final thick paint with bright colours with a round brush (Daler Rowney System3 - Round 2).



You can decorate your place with amazing paintings!


We would like to thank Margarita Lypiridou for this amazing painting with System 3 acrylic colors from Daler Rowney.

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