Familives blog in their new June isuue of their electronic magazine are showing us how to re-use a cutting wood that we do not need and decorate it with fibre pens for different surfaces Giotto Décor Materials.

We are welcoming May and the May Day, the biggest celebration of Spring, with a handmade May wreath with clay from our favorite blog Familives!

As the schools are closed and the kids are at school, Elpida from Two boys and hope shows us an easy activity so as our littles can spend their time creatively! You will need 2 materials from home, plasticine or playing dough and spaghetti!

Have you ever thought that painting on school supplies is one way to spend your time creatively with the kids?

Every season is ideal for reading, but in the autumn, everything becomes more atmospheric, even reading, that gets another tinge! And in order not to lose the page of the book we are reading, we make bookmarks with decoupage!

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